The Clean and The Unclean

Something that really stood out to me in today's reading of Genesis 7 was that God asked Noah to make room on the boat for the clean and the unclean animals that God was leading to come to the ark to be saved from annihilation.  The clean AND the unclean.  And Noah didn't bat an eye.  He didn't argue with God.  He didn't say "But God those animals are unclean!  You can't possibly expect me to live on this boat with such unclean creatures!"

The God of all of the living is asking the same of us.  To help lead His creation to His salvation. How do we respond when God brings someone that isn't as shiny and sparkling as us across our path?  What about that co-worker that is a professing atheist (Like REALLY professing)?  And how about that young girl, you know, the one that wears a tad too much makeup and not quite enough clothes?  Do we welcome them onto our boat with open arms?  Or do we run to pull up the ramp so they can't enter our little worlds? 

He called us too.  The Unclean.  He welcomed us into His "boat".  No matter how dirty we were, He beckoned us to step onto the ark of salvation.  Don't you think they deserve the free gift of God's Grace that was given to us?  Of course they do.